In 1868, when the Oblate Fathers came to Lowell to begin their pastoral ministry here, they realized how much a Catholic School would contribute to the effectiveness of their efforts and how important a Catholic education would be for the people. It is not surprising, then that soon after the new and present Immaculate Conception Church was completed, the Oblate Fathers, with the enthusiastic encouragement and support of the parishioners, founded a grammar school.

A large brick school was built in 1880 at the corner of High and Bartlett Streets. The Oblates asked the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart from Philadelphia to come to the Immaculate to take charge of the new school. The Grey Nuns accepted this invitation and opened the school in September 1880.

In 1965 the old building was replaced by a modern 16 room facility. The Grey Nuns continued the tradition of academic and religious excellence until 1978 when they were no longer able to staff our school.

Through the dedicated commitment of our excellent staff our school continues to carry the light of Catholic education into the 21st century with the support of our parents through a vibrant Home and School Association and Development Committee. One of the finest physical plants in Lowell, the Immaculate Conception School, located in the heart of the historic National Park, looks forward to continuing to provide leadership in education and service to the community in which it thrives.