What is the ICSPA?

The ICSPA is a volunteer group of parents, faculty, administrators and clergy.  The purpose of ICSPA is to provide a forum for the positive and productive exchange of ideas aimed at enhancing our children’s spiritual, civic, and academic experiences at Immaculate Conception School.  It also provides a means for regular and cooperative interaction between parents, faculty/administration, and the ICSPA board for the purpose of planning and organizing fundraising and non-fundraising activities, which are a necessary part of the operation of the school.

Why does the ICSPA exist, and why do they need ME?

The ICSPA is responsible for providing a vehicle through which families can provide service to the school for fundraising activities, as well as non-fundraising events.  Parochial schools do not receive any public funding toward their operation. In fact, Immaculate Conception School starts the year with a deficit.

As with all parochial schools in Massachusetts, we rely on our students and families help to accomplish this task, and ask families to volunteer for various fundraising and school activities, which are undertaken to help meet our financial commitment.

This ICSPA section in the Parent/Student Handbook has been designed to help parents know where and when the school needs volunteers.

How can I help?

All families with students enrolled at Immaculate Conception School are required to join the ICSPA.  During the school year, there will be periodic ICSPA meetings, the date and time of which will be announced. See monthly calendar for dates of meetings.

It is an expectation of Immaculate Conception School that each family have at least one representative present at a minimum at the ICSPA mandatory meetings scheduled for the school year. This occurs in August and November.