Admission/Age requirements:

Here is the admissions policy from the parent handbook

Pre-K applicants must be three years of age as of September 1 of that year and must be potty trained. Birth and baptismal certificates as well as proof of immunization are required.
Kindergarten applicants must be five years of age as of September 1 of that year and participate in a developmental screening process. Birth and baptismal certificates as well as proof of immunization are required. The administration may make exceptions to the September 1st age requirement based on academic testing.


Here are documents that families will find useful.

All you need to know about Registration, tuition, etc.

2021-2022 Tentative School Calendar

Code of Ministerial Behavior for Volunteers

2021-2022 Parent/Student Handbook

Google Permission Letter for Parents - 2021-2022

Cell Phone & Electronics Policy 2021-2022

Computer Policy 2020-2021

Volunteer Opportunity Sheet 2021-2022

ICS Dress Code

Please note that the school uniform shorts must be purchased through J. B. Pride. Please review dress code requirements for wearing shorts and color and type of socks that are allowed as well as other important guidelines: Also, girls may only wear clear fingernail polish; no color polish is allowed and sneakers may only be worn on gym days for grades K-8. Finally, please do not have children wear Apple watches to school. Some students have used them for texting, phone calling during the school day and internet. Students should not be using these throughout the school day; also, they are expensive and we do not them damaged. Students will receive warnings if they are not following uniform guidelines.

Uniform Ordering Information

ICS Parent Association (ICSPA)